06 March, 2010

Video -1- Butterfly Effect

Here is a video that made me try Eve Online again. And it pretty much covers what Eve is all about. Enjoy!!!

Welcome to Eve Odyssey

Welcome to Eve Odyssey a blog about Eve Online....mostly.

I'm a fairly new Eve online player just over 5mil sp and most of it is in learning.
This is just my small personal project that i thought would be fun to do, and would hopefully help me learn more about Eve as i go along.
If you have never heard of Eve Online, its a sandbox Massive Multiplayer Online Game where you can be whoever you like and do whatever you like within Eve universe. Go over to the official website to find out more info. www.eveonline.com

This is my first attempt at a blog so please bare with me and all constructive criticism is welcome.

16 February, 2010

Blog Under Construction

This Blog is under construction. Please watch this space.